Filming my painting process: A test and a mistake

Time for...a time lapse painting video! 

Time for...a time lapse painting video! 

So I picked up a Gorilla stand for my iPhone in order to film myself painting. The plan is to use the iPhone's 'time-lapse' feature. It looks cool and I don't need the whole process recorded in real time. I got everything set up last night, hit 'record' and started painting. After the first coat was down I hit 'stop'. Eager to review my magic video, I pressed play on the video and...I had filmed the whole thing in slow motion mode. Whoops!

Yes it's sort of easy to speed it up but still - the whole purpose was to have a time lapse.

Who wants to see me paint in slow motion anyway? :P

Stay tuned for an ACTUAL time lapse painting video.