Neon Maniacs Blu!

Neon Maniacs, released in 1986 is one of the lesser known yet 'awesomely eighties' horror films that got buried under a pile of other, larger releases that year. It just got a shiny new Blu ray release though, courtesy of Code Red and I just got my copy! This film has surprisingly imaginative creature designs and does a lot with its small budget.


"There are twelve new reasons to be afraid of the dark...and every one of them is a killer."

The original DVD release was a terrible transfer, but fortunately Code Red has given Neon Maniacs the respect it deserves by remastering it. I can't wait to see it in HD!

"In the heart of San Francisco, the legions of the damned lay waiting beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. As night falls, this battalion of butchery is unleashed upon the city to carve terror into the souls of the innocent. But when one young woman named Natalie (Leilani Sarelle of Basic Instinct) escapes a bloody teen slaughter, she can't convince anyone that a rampaging army of psychotic 'monsters' has mutilated her friends. Now haunted, hunted and having a hard time in high school, Natalie must arm herself and her classmates for one final bizarre battle against the horror of the Neon Maniacs!"

Neon Maniacs is limited to 1200 copies.